Steps To Ownership

Here’s what’s between you and a HuHot to call your very own…

Step 1 – Complete Application

Get to know HuHot. Explore.
Research. Learn.
Have an introductory discussion.
Submit an application

Step 2 - Interview with Chief Brand Officer

Let us get to know you.
Where do you want to open?
How do you envision your life with HuHot?
What are major considerations?

Step 3 - Review the FDD

Sign and return the FDD Receipt.
Read and research.

Step 4 – Interview with CEO/COO

No, really, we want to get to know you.
Tell us about your business and restaurant experience.
Operations, operations, operations.

Step 5 – Attend Discovery Day in Denver

Visit our office.
Meet our team.
Get a behind the scenes tour of a restaurant.
Sit down with a current franchisee for Q&A.

Step 6 – Sign the Franchise Agreement

Once approved, send us your signed franchise agreement.
Become the newest franchisee ready to conquer.

Griller Plate