Dazed and confused? Here are some quick answers to common questions:

Q:Will it break the bank?
A:All opening costs, including the franchise fee, training, equipment, and your buildout – among other things, are between $984,000 and $1,219,000. While this is a big number, it is very low by industry standards. The ongoing royalty charge is a modest 5% of gross sales and marketing contribution is ½%.
Q:Do you guys help with the financing?
A:We do not. You will have to work with a private bank to get financing. Many of our current franchisees have received SBA loans without any problems.
Q:How long does it take to open my own HuHot?
A:The biggest factor in determining your timetable is securing a location. In some markets acceptable locations can be identified quickly, in others it might take 6-12 months. Assuming a location can be found quickly, it takes about nine months to prepare plans, submit plans to local review boards, construction and training.
Q:What if I found the perfect spot for a HuHot?
A:Submit the information in PDF format to franchiseinfo@huhot.com
Q:Um, will you hold my hand on occasion? When no one’s looking?
A:You will have easy access to our Operations and Marketing Departments, via phone, instant messages, email, and at times, in person. You will also have your own copy of our Operations Manual, and many marketing guides to reference regularly. In addition to this we send out monthly newsletters with suggestions, tips, test results, and successful techniques.

Of course, one of your most valuable tools is other franchisees. In addition to our franchise conventions where you get to meet and develop relationships with our franchisees that have experience with other brands such as Taco John’s, Smashburger, Pizza Hut, Applebee’s, Taco Bell, KFC, Subway and many more.
Q:What if I don't see my question here?
A:You're thinking outside the box! We like it. Send us a request for more information or contact us at franchiseinfo@huhot.com.