Our Franchisees

HuHot franchisees

Our franchisees are kind of a big deal.

We’ve got an impressive group of people that have a ton of restaurant experience and business savvy. Collectively they own almost 200 restaurants and are involved in some of the biggest brands – KFC, Taco Bell, Ruby Tuesday, Taco Johns, Smashburger, and Godfathers Pizza.

Our franchisees are driven, smart, and passionate. Not to brag too much, but there’s even an Olympic medalist among them. Some of them fell in love with HuHot in college, others while driving across country.

Unlike Genghis Khan, we actually rule our empire with the help of our army. They’re part of the team, they come up with great ideas and they’re one of our greatest assets. Oh, they like to say nice things about us too….

“HuHot is a brand we believed in strongly when we opened our first location in 2002. Over the past 15 years HuHot continues to impress. In all our years of multi-concept industry experience we’ve yet to see another concept that delivers the same level of high margins and ROI. We truly look forward to our continued development of this exceptional concept.”
– Brendan Crowley, Franchisee, Sun Capital, 25 locations

“I wanted to get back into the restaurant business with a concept that was outside the already cluttered spaces like sandwiches, burgers, Mexican etc. After crunching the numbers, the ROI for initial investment seemed stronger than other national franchises and I just loved the concept and the food.”
– Jay Warwick, Franchisee, 6 locations

“With HuHot I’m more than just a number. To me being just a number for the past 8 1/2 years, it’s nice to have a different feeling dealing with a corporation…. There were other franchises that I looked into and once I started researching this more and talking to the corporate staff here, it just felt right.”
– Bill Trevorrow, Franchisee, 1 location

“We have been extremely happy with our decision to be a HuHot franchisee and part of the HuHot family. Over the past 10 years, we have grown together and we have never regretted our decision. We are able to successfully compete with large and small restaurants in our markets. The brand is relatively simple to run and the ROI has been best-in-class!”
– Matt Cory, Franchisee, 2 locations

“If someone has a good idea, it doesn’t matter if it comes from corporate or the franchisee. It’s one of the strengths of this brand.”
– Bryon Itterman, Franchisee, 4 locations

Why HuHot? “I loved the food and the simplicity of the concept. In addition, it seemed fun to work there and fun to eat there – a totally different experience. And, from my perspective, you just couldn’t go wrong with the food…The concept is pretty simple so there is a lot of time to focus on execution.”
– Dave Gilchrist, Franchisee, 1 location