Our Food

HuHot is beating bland by the bowlful!

WARNING – reading this may cause serious hunger pangs.

At HuHot we believe that your stomach is not your enemy. Quite the contrary, your stomach is your best friend.

HuHot offers fast, fresh food that accommodates allergies, picky eaters, healthy hunters and hungry teenagers on a budget. We meet all the millennial needs.

It’s SO simple…

  1. Grab a bowl.
  2. Fill it with your choice of meats, seafood, noodles, and fresh veggies.
  3. Pour on 5-6 ladles of our signature and create-your-own sauces.
  4. Take it to the grill and watch it cooked to perfection on our epic grill.
  5. Finish with toppings.
  6. Devour.
  7. Go back for more…it’s unlimited.
  8. If you want to thank the chef, there’s a mirror in the bathroom.

See! People can stop treating their stomach like a second-rate organ and fill it with some flavors worthy of celebrating its gastric greatness. Bold, unapologetic, better-hold-on-to-something kinds of flavors. The types of flavors that slap your tongue, waking it from its bland-food-induced coma. It’s what your stomach deserves. It’s what you deserve. So make your belly your buddy again and create a bowl of delicious.

Prepare to be bowl envied…

Need more info on How to HuHot?  We’ve got the step-by-step for you here.